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Floral Tag with PaperArtsy Infusions by Jenny Marples

Hi everyone and welcome. It's Jenny here, back to share more ideas for using your PaperArtsy Infusions and the beautiful stamp and stencil designs of Kay Carley. Today's project is a tag that plays with a number of ways of using the Infusions powders.

Let's see how this tag came together.

The main panel was stamped onto a strip of Dina Wakley Media Cotton Watercolor Paper (which is very absorbent) and I used images from Kay Carley's stamp set EKC06, available in the Marte store. To achieve the watercolour effect with Infusions and your stamp place it onto a stamping block or platform and then rub a little of the dry powder onto the surface of the stamp. I used a couple of colours together to get a colourful effect.

Mist the stamp all over with a little water to activate the dye colour and Walnut crystals in the Infusions powders.

Stamp onto the watercolour paper to reveal the image. You may get blots of ink and water which can be fixed later if you are not happy with them but remember, this is supposed to be more of a watercolour finish rather than crisp stamping.

After adding another stem use the smaller flower stem and apply dry Infusions powder in the same way as before. Mist with water and stamp onto the watercolour paper strip.

Once the leaf stems and flowers are stamped use some of the excess watery ink by splattering a little over the tag with a small paintbrush. Allow the inks to dry completely.

Here's where you get to sort out any blotchy patches you are not happy with; use white and black ink pens (I used Gel Pens) to add in little details like lines and dots, and to go over parts where there is too much ink. The aim is to enhance your stamped images with your own flourishes.

Now stamp two different sizes of dragonflies using the same method and powders as before. When dry tear along the edges to give them a feathered look. I added a few dots of Liquid Pearls to the bodies and hand stitched some lines onto mine at this stage.

Take a single ply piece of tissue and soak it in a little Infusions powder diluted with water. You need very little of the ink to colour the tissue and you can remove any excess with a cloth before drying with a heat tool.

Stamp and emboss across a whole strip of paper with the JOFY JM50 stamp and white embossing powder.

Mist the embossed paper with a little water before sprinkling Infusions powders onto the surface. Apply more water to allow the ink to spread over the whole surface - you'll see the embossed areas resist the ink. Heat set being careful not to remove any of the embossing ink and dab away any excess Infusions.

Here's what your paper will look like when the ink is dry - you'll see how the different colours in the die give a beautiful mottled effect across the surface.

Now for the main tag - I used a Small Tim Holtz Etcetera Tag - cover in blue paper/paint etc (I used a gel printed piece of tissue that had PaperArtsy Fresco Finish Paints on it). Use collage glue to apply the dyed tissue over the centre of the tag before applying paste/gel through Kay Carley's PS059 stencil.

To complete the tag layer the water coloured strip over scraps of coordinating papers before adding on top of your embossed paper. Layer that onto the tag using a piece of thick card to add some dimension. Add your dragonflies and other embellishments of your choice.

Here are some close ups of the finished tag to show you the details more clearly;

I hope you've enjoyed seeing today's project and can see the beauty in Kay Carley's stamp set. The stamps and Infusions are all available in the Marte store along with lots more PaperArtsy sets so make sure to check them out.

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Jenny (Pushing The Right Buttons)

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