martedì 5 maggio 2020

ICS#20.18 Enjoy with Shabby style with Marcella

Hello everyone,

it's time for Shabby style!

The time has come to bring the shabby style into the home by creating everyday objects and furnishings.

For this whole series of projects, Tommy Art products have been used, very versatile, quick and simple to apply, excellent performance.

The techniques used are different passing through the dry brush, wax finish, blackboard effect, wood effect, application of stencils etc.

and as a starting point a chalk colored background.

Below are two procedures for decorating a mirror frame and a blackboard.

We need a special tool to create the wood effeect on the left side of the frame on the layer created by Gesso a Spessore.
The right part is made with the wax technique that does not cause the color of the cracks to attack.

For the signboar I though about a Bistrot to advise for some information or why not the Menu?

In this case the middle part was made by Black Backboard paint ...

with a shabby decoration at the edges...

and finally a stencil application

All the products used can be found on the StoreOnLine of Marte at

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Thanks and see you soon


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