martedì 29 settembre 2020

Embroidered Flowers Notebook by Jenny

Hi everyone and welcome. It's Jenny here, back to share more ideas for using your PaperArtsy Infusions and the beautiful stamp designs of Kay Carley. Today's project is a fabric covered notebook with embroidered flowers on it. Here's the finished hand bound notebook (front and back);

Here's a short tutorial showing how this came together;

I started by cutting a piece of plain cotton fabric slightly larger than my Eileen Hull Designs Notebook cover. After spraying it with water on both sides I sprinkled a mix of Raspberry, Rusty Car and Golden Sands PaperArtsy Infusions over it, allowing them to react with the water. After leaving them for a little while I rinsed the fabric under cold water to remove any excess ink and then left it to air dry. The longer you leave your ink to react with the fabric initially the darker the final colours will be.

After ironing flat the dry fabric I stamped over it with chalk paints using designs from the wonderful Seth Apter ESA02 stamp set. It is important to clean your stamps immediately after using them with chalk paints to keep them clean for future use.

Some of the smaller flower stems and leaves from Kay Carley's EKC06 and EKC07 stamp sets were stamped onto the fabric using Archival ink and scraps of pink crocheted lace were also glued onto it using Tim Holtz Distress Collage Medium Matte.

I then used embroidery thread and different sizes of beads to stitch over the stamped flowers and leaves. Torn strips of tissue coloured with the Golden Sands Infusions Powders were stuck over the top of the lace, again with the Distress Collage Medium Matte before small yellow buttons were stitched in place.

Once the stitching was complete I used dry adhesive tape to stick the fabric onto the notebook cover. To finish the book I stamped a phrase from Alison Bomber's EAB01 stamp set with Archival black ink onto the top corner, twisted a matching tassel for the side and bound some aged paper signatures inside.

Here are some close ups of the finished notebook starting with the front cover;

And now the back cover;

I hope you've enjoyed seeing today's projects and feel inspired to try using Infusions with your fabrics. The Kay Carley stamp sets, Seth Apter stamp set and Infusions are available in the Marte store along with lots more PaperArtsy goodies so make sure to check them out.

Thanks for visiting,
Jenny (Pushing The Right Buttons)

martedì 22 settembre 2020

 ICS#20.38 Art Journaling by Nora

Hello crafty people! I hope you are well and healthy...

Today, I would like to share with you these pages...

Video Tutorial:

I hope you had enjoyed the creative process...

Thank you for your visit!!!


martedì 8 settembre 2020

Dreams - page 6 in my paper bag journal, with video tutorial

 Hello creative friends!

It´s Melina here today sharing the 6th page in my 
recycled paper bag journal. I recorded my process and you´ll
find the video tutorial further down.

For this project I´ve been using stamps and stencils by That´s Crafty!,
some of them available in the Marte shop.

I´ve used DecoArt paints and mediums, 
and you´ll find a variety 
of DecoArt products in the shop too.

  You´ll find the video HERE , hope you´ll enjoy watching! 

  Thanks for stopping by today! 
See you again with a new journal page in a few weeks :)
xx Melina


martedì 1 settembre 2020

ICS#20.35 Leaf bracelet by Marcella

 Hi everyone,

I cut a copper wire and with a pencil I draw a stylized leaf and cutted from a copper plate.

Then I worked on the leaf to smooth it and make it beaten.

and made the writing ...

Then I soldered the leaf on the copper stem


I sanded and polished the leaf

and highlighted the writing with a black permanent marker

After a final polishing, I made the shaping of the bracelet

and this is the result.

I hope you enjoyed it and it was an inspiration