martedì 14 aprile 2020

ICS#20.15 Minialbum Steampunk by Francesca

Hello everyone, today I present a total scrapbooking project made using exclusively a pad of cards, from which I extracted the patterns as well as the embellishments.

The pad in question is from STAMPERIA and is called Voyages Fantastiques.

The cards inside being very beautiful on both sides and of a fairly important thickness, I decided to use them individually, without gluing them together or on a basic card.

For the pages I chose these two cards which in turn were divided into 4 squares and I divided them in half, obtaining two parts 15x30cm, then I creased them at 15cm

I then took these two cards on which the tags were printed and cut them out: on one card the tags were totally drawn, on the other hand the same tags left the space in the center empty for a possible photo or journal.

I matched each of the designed tags with their own empty space, I glued them to each other by first inserting a strip of 10x5cm cream colored recovery paper. I made a cut with the cutter in the center of the fold of the 15x30cm patterns (on each) I inserted the glued strip inside the tags, passing it on the other side and inserting it in turn in another pair of tags

I then cut out 3 smaller tags on another pattern paper and 3 watches and combined them with an eyelet to create additional embellishment elements

I then used scrap strips as decoration, applying them on the pattern cards with glue, some leaving them not totally glued so you can insert the tags with clock

Finally, as a cover I chose a pattern with the planisphere, I cut it making it become 15x30 and gluing the two halves together so as to obtain a higher thickness.

I then used a blue jute string to hold the whole structure together

I hope you liked this quick and easy design, see you soon for another project


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