martedì 10 marzo 2020

Recycled paper bag journal - The cover, by Melina Dahl

Hello creative friends!

It´s Melina here today sharing the process of making a journal by 
recycling a paper bag.

First of all I want to say hi! It´s my first time on the blog today.
I´m Melina from Sweden. I´m the mother of 4 humans, two cats, 
three pet rats and a rescue dog. 

Today I will do the background work and the cover.
My idea is to finish all the pages in the journal here with you on the 
Marte Lab blog during the year of my DT assignment.

It would be super awesome if you would make a similar journal alongside
with me!

I made the journal from a paper bag that I got in my local grocery store
when buying tulips. Actually I folded it to put in the paper recycle bin, but
realised it looked like a little journal. So, I picked it up again and 
started this project. You can watch me create this in the video
you´ll find further down.

For this project I´ve been using stamps and stencils from That´s Crafty.
The flower stamp set is available in the Marte shop.
I´ve used DecoArt paint and mediums, and you´ll find a variety of DecoArt
products in the shop too.

You´ll find the video here, hope you´ll enjoy watching!


Thanks for stopping by today! See you again in a few weeks :)
xx Melina

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